Health and Safety Policy

If you are working or planning to work with Tagg Painting Limited, and have a legitimate business reason to access their Health and Safety Policy,  please view the appropriate underlined sections below:


*      Arrangements for Health and Safety


Specific Guidance Notes Sections:


*     Section B

Lone Working On Host Employers’ Sites

*     Section C

Construction Design And Management (Cdm)

*     Section G

Prefabricated Aluminium Scaffolding



Hand Tools


Power Operated Working Platforms



Driving Vehicles On Company Business

Working At Height - Prevention Of Falls

Hop Ups

*     Section H

Contaminated Sites

Hazardous Substances (Construction)

Solvent Cleaning Fluids & Adhesives

Spray Painting

Biological Hazards/Needles & Sharps

*     Section I

Health And Safety Rules

Site Rules

Violence To Staff

*     Section J

Occupied Premises

*     Section L

Manual Handling

*     Section M

Fire Instruction And Drills

*     Section N

Riddor Reporting

*     Section O


Please note: the above documents are in Adobe pdf format. You may need to install an Adobe pdf viewer to view them if you don't already have it on your computer. If so, you may download one from here.